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Quality Accessories: Catalytic Generators

The Tobacco Curing Generator

  • Simple to use
  • 2.7 Quart Ethy-Gen® II Reservoir
  • Adjustable Flow Rate (1 quart every 6 or 12 hours)

The Advantages of Using Tobacco Curing Generators

  1. Less Yellowing Time: Cuts up to 15 hours off normal yellowing time and get higher quality, more valuable leaves.
  2. Less Wilting and Drying Time: Cut up to 15 hours off normal wilting and drying time.
  3. Evens Out Color: Fewer green butts, green fibers and other "off" colors.
  4. All Seasons: Dramatically improves curing for dry, wet or normal seasons.
  5. Portable: One generator can serve as many as six curing systems.
  6. Lower Curing Cost: Curing expenses are cut by $30 to $60 per cure.
  7. Costs Less: Ethylene is the same regardless of whether you make it yourself or buy it ready made. Two quarts of Ethy-Gen® II Ripening Concentrate make at least 1.14 pounds of ethylene and you can save up to 45% over cylinder gas cost.
  8. Proven Results: University field tests prove that Tobacco Curing Generators speed leaf curing and improve tobacco grade while more leaf weight is retained.
  9. Higher Market Price: University studies also show that prices of treated tobacco can be up to 11 cents more per pound. Growers report a more uniform color with less green - just what buyers want.
  10. Natural Process: Ethy-Gen® II, used in the generator, changes into ethylene, a natural plant hormone that triggers curing changes in mature tobacco leaves.
  11. Safe from Leaf-Drop: Leaf-drop caused by wind and storms is eliminated by using in the curing system instead of the field as sprayed chemical systems require.
  12. No Leaf Residue: the generators leave absolutely no residue on tobacco leaves.
  13. Works on Mature Tobacco: Will not work on immature tobacco; harvest only mature, ripe leaf.
  14. Readily Available


World Tobacco, Inc.
PO Box 1341
Wilson, NC 27894

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